Internal Winter League 2020-21 - Rules & Guidelines

Thank you, if you have joined our internal winter league for the 20-21 season, we’ve had a great response! Our intention is to play two matches each week on Monday and Friday evenings up until the end of October then Fridays only through until the end of March 2021.

Start Time

Matches start at 6.30pm with the lights needing to go off by 10pm (as normal) so please do arrive on time and get started as soon as possible.


Zoe, Pippa or Peter will ensure you have balls (we will either give to a player or bring them down ourselves) and floodlight tokens.  It will not always be new balls (we don’t have enough for that!), we are hoping to get at least two matches out of each tin.


We have 3 squads, you have been allocated to a squad.

Each match is formed of two teams from the SAME squad playing against each other, so you will be matched against players of a similar standard, for example:

  • A Squad – for each match you will either be in the Red or Green team
  • B Squad – for each match you will either be in the Blue or Yellow team
  • C Squad – for each match you will either be in the Green or Red team

You will not always be in the same team (one match you maybe in the red, next maybe green). Each team has an allocated captain.

Playing Format

The format is the same as winter league, there are two rubbers, the first being mens/ladies and the other being mixed, the captain will decide the pairings for each match. The scoring is the same as an Avon League match with 2 points for the winner of each rubber and 2 points for the overall winner (ie result will be 10-0/8-2/6-4/ 5-5).


Please could the captain of each team email us (Pippa, Zoe, Peter) the result.  We will keep a note of your match result against your name (ie if your team won 6-4, you will have 6 points, if you played in the losing team you will have 4 points).  There are no prizes, it is simply for pride and enjoyment!!

3rd Set/Championship Tie-Break

First Rubber: If the first rubber goes to a third set then the full third set is to be played.

Second Rubber: If the second rubber goes to a third set then the two captains can mutually decide depending on light/time if they need to play a championship tiebreak (first to 10 points, 2 clear) instead.

Match Allocation

We will allocate matches fairly, giving everyone the same number of games as much as possible (depending on availability of course!).  When one of us emails you with a match date PLEASE CONFIRM ASAP, so we can get someone else in if needs be.


We’re sure there will be some great matches!  There is most likely to be things we may not have thought of or some aspects that won’t work for everyone but we have/will spend considerable time putting this together/running it so really hope everyone enjoys the tennis!